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Ова е новата песна на Martin Garrix заедно, со Justin Mylo & Mesto. Објавена беше на први јануари. Симнете ја бесплатно на овој линк:

И ова може да ве интересира
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  • Helene

    It’s posts like this that make surfing so much pleusare

  • http://www./

    Yeah, Jen, that’s the true I Hate You spirit!Mike, that’a a great idea; I’m a meta kind of woman. I edited the rant for size and submitted the following:People, the self-righteous political rants are no good. Isn’t it bad enough that the 2004 presidential election divided the US into residents of Jesusland and a bunch of very sorry Canadian wannabes? Must it also take the fun out of I Love You, I Hate You?Ooh, I hope they print it!

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    la deformazione dovrebbe essere l'effetto 'rolling shutter' detto anche effetto 'jello'. un sensore Cmos con le vibrazioni non va d'accordo e produce quella caratteristica deformazione, che in effetti compare solo quando le vibrazioni dell'urto arrivano alla videocamera.

  • barmenia lebensversicherung wuppertal

    CUTE top! Love it :-)I hear ya on the arms thing – I didn't know I had HUGELYGROSSLYFATOMGFREAKARMS until tailored shirts with those little cap sleeves came into style. Apparently I'm a freak of nature 😛 heheheI'd love to see that top styled with a cardigan overtop and a full white skirt! 🙂


    pour les amateurs de Claude Simon et du quartier où il habitait (place Monge) :La bataille de PharsaleLe Jardin des Plantes(quand on attend un train qui ne vient pas, ça fait passer le temps).

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